The Big Pitcher

The Big Pitcher is designed to conveniently and affordably create an oxygen-rich water supply within easy reach.

The 20 minute process makes your water taste so good you'll want more of it. Oxygen-enhanced water is 100% safe to drink and it's BPA-free. 


  • Height: 12 in.
  • Diameter: 6.5 in.
  • Capacity: approximately 64 fluid oz.
The Big Pitcher


The Big Pitcher eliminates the bad taste caused by chlorine, radon, fluoride and sulfur gases, as well as particulates that make water “hard.” And remember, carbon filtration removes oxygen from water.

Yes, but a better description might be that The Big Pitcher “polishes” your drinking water. The Big Pitcher purifies but does not purify as effectively as filtration or reverse osmosis. The Big Pitcher should not be substituted for your filtration system. The idea is to complement purified water with The Big Pitcher. For those who require very pure drinking water, distilled is the purest water available. Even more important is that The Big Pitcher oxygen-infuses your water.

All water contains minerals and to dissolve these minerals, you will clean your The Big Pitcher about once a month, using hydrogen peroxide. Fill the “wagon wheel” at the bottom of The Big Pitcher with the cleaning solution and operate for about 15 minutes. Rinse, refill the Pitcher with water and in about 15 minutes, your oxygen-rich water is ready to drink!

A customer said he had great success using effervescent denture cleaning tablets – and it is very inexpensive.

If your source water is more pure, i.e. already filtered, maintenance is required less often.

Great! You’ll be continuously recharging with your choice of water each time you pour a glass or two to drink and this can go on until you clean The Big Pitcher. The Big Pitcher is designed to operate continuously.

It is a medical fact that our bodies need oxygen for healthy living. Because of lifestyle choices, our cells may demand more oxygen than our pulmonary systems can deliver. The Big Pitcher is a convenient and safe way to supplement your body’s oxygen.

Why would you drink water with no to low oxygen if you have the choice? You shouldn’t! Your drinking water should have the highest possible natural saturation of oxygen, which is about 11 parts per million. We have designed a durable, attractive appliance to add the maximum safe amount of oxygen to your drinking water.

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